The functions mentioned below are only a limited choice of what INTELLIHOME offers. The function of the controller is individually adjusted to the customers’ wishes. The basic functions of the system due to the modular configuration can always be adjusted and changed. You decide about the procedures in your house at the push of a button. With INTELLIHOME you centrally, comfortably and easily control all sequences, which should take place in a modern household.
And this not only from home, but also via your mobile phone at any place around the world.

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Outside sensor - With the outside sensor you measure the outside temperature and brightness. When the wind is too strong, the awnings run in and the roof windows shut when it rains.

Brightness sensor - According to the brightness outside the house, blinds open / shut. The lights are automatically switched on, as soon as you enter the room and the light is insufficient.

Airing / Climate - Your airing or air condition system is either conventionally controlled by key press or automatically via integrated time switch / temperature sensor.
Therefore providing optimal air quality in the rooms.

Door / Window contacts - Via these contacts and motion detectors your house is monitored when you are not at home. If a window opens, the heating circuit for this room switches off to save energy.

Light control - The lights can be operated by switch key, or via an infra-red remote control or via your mobile phone. The lights automatically go on if required when entering the room.

Light scenes - light scenes are mainly used in living spaces to achieve the optimal lighting in every situation. The light scenes can be chosen via switch key or remote control.

Sensor / Dimmer - Light sensors or dimmers guarantee a constant brightness in any room (e.g. working room).

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply
With this uninterruptible power supply, the current state and alarm function will be kept and emergency lighting is operated.

Time control - A time switch is integrated in the system, e.g. for activating blinds or lights at a certain programmed time (week, daytime functions).

Blind control - for blind control you normally need a control device to operate more blinds at one push of a button. This control device is replaced by our central control, whereby operation via remote control is also possible.
Push-buttons can be multi-functional.

Remote control - You can use every customary infrared remote control.

Power disconnection - Devices not required are automatically turned off while you sleep, to avoid unnecessary electronical smog.

GSM - connection - via SMS or calling you can open your garage door, or switch on / off the heating. Additionally INTELLIHOME informs you about the actual state of your house via SMS.

Central function - At one key press all devices are switched on stand-by when you leave your house. The lights switch off - the oven as well, if you’ve forgotten to do that, the alarm system gets activated. Now you can leave your home with a good feeling.

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