We’ve created a system, which is easy to use, to program and to parameterise. It rapidly and easily adjusts to ALL requirements that can occur in a house.

A further important point at the developmental stage is the ability for the “electrician on-site” to make modifications simply without using a personal computer. With INTELLIHOME you can use standard installation material, using all push-buttons / switchers from any manufacturer or distributor.

If you compare a 20 year old car with a car from today, the only commonality might be the four wheels. Nowadays nobody wants to miss this big step in technology.

These days a house is installed more or less in the same way as 20 years ago. Material developed further, but not the technology.

The aim of INTELLIHOME is to acknowledge and interpret this big step in technology within your own four walls. In every conventional household are modern technical devices, e.g. your hi-fi system or TV-set.
Today all these devices are remote controlled or work independently. Think about your DVD player, which you can tell to record a film at 6:00 pm and it works independently, without you thinking about it.

But your blinds you have to open manually every day after the alarm clock switches on. If you want to switch on or dim the lights in your living room, you have to get up from your sofa and activate the light switch - your television program can be chosen by remote control.

INTELLIHOME creates a modern controlling system in your household, which connects these single devices with each other.
As soon as the alarm clock goes on in the morning, the blinds open and the light goes on in case it is still dark outside. With the same remote control you use for your television, you can also switch on / off or dim your lights and operate your blinds.
These are only some of the advantages you can benefit from when you live in an “INTELLIHOME house”. We would be please to give you advice!

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