Artikelnummer: 3.017.300.002

NTELLIHOME GSM-BOX – SET, incl. GSM terminal antenna with 2,5 m cable, din rail mounting kit, connecting cable GSM-BOX -> GSM terminal, without SIM-CARD, all providers possible

Function description:

For the communication a Siemens TC35iT GSM modem is needed. Various functions can be implemented as stand-alone solution with this modem.

The GSM-BOX V2.0 has two independent programmable inputs. Three GSM numbers can be placed to each input. After activating the input a free definable text (max. 20 characters) is sent.

Altogether 2 outputs for SMS are available.
The two SMS outputs (2A relais) can be activated with receiving SMS.
The outputs can be switched ON, OFF or on PLS (puls - 1s) depending on the given order. Optional response per SMS after carried out switching operation.

Clip function:
When the GSM-box is called, it evaluates the send dial number (CLIP). This number is compared with the programmable call numbers in the memory.
(max. 10).  When the call number is programmed, output 3 gets switched. This call is for free, because the GSM-box doesn’t answer.
ATTENTION: The caller’s number must not be repressed.

The GSM-box is completely programmable via SMS or software (free ware).

Password protection:
Configuration - SMS are protected by a password. Only a SMS with a correct password can activate a program change. The GSM box is delivered with a factory password. This password can be replaced by any other operator password. When you forget your password you can reset the GSM-box and go back to the factory setting.

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